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Individual Psychotherapy

Through psychotherapy and supportive work with adolescents, adults and families, Jodi works to create a secure sense of self, increased self-esteem and a healthy relationship with self and others. She works with an eclectic person-centered approach and tailors her practice techniques to the unique needs of each individual.

Specialties include:

Eating disorders

Body dissatisfaction





Self harm


Relationship issues

Coping difficulties

Life changes

Fertility issues

Couple & Family Therapy

Understanding the dynamics within a family system as a whole, Jodi helps families, both primarily and adjunctively, to identify and address the issues that have created problems.


Jodi provides consultation to individuals and families in need of a professional opinion and/or guidance to about what may be helpful for themselves and/or loved ones.


Jodi has supervised both students and professionals working towards their licensure and beyond.